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We don`t just move mountains, we engineer value in return.

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Cloud Solutions Services by Ophel Computing

Cloud Solutions

Cloud is here to become the go to architecture for organisations. Cloud apps can keep you connected across devices, geographies, time.

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Machine Learning Services by Ophel Computing

Machine Learning

A machine can do wonders, make it learn and it can do miracles.

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Artificial Intelligence Services by Ophel Computing

Artificial Intelligence

Next, Artificial Intelligence can help you win court cases. So says, The Economist.

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Data Analytics Services by Ophel Computing

Data Analytics

What gets measured, gets managaed. What gets measured, gets managaed.

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Managed Services by Ophel Computing

Managed Services

Sometimes outsourcing business operations may be the best bet as it improves scale and optimizes time and cost.

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Enterprise Transformation Services by Ophel Computing

Enterprise Transformation

Transformation may not happen over a single day, it requires a well-planned sequence of actions.

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Digital Strategy Services by Ophel Computing

Digital Strategy

Build a visible digital journey.

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Business Intelligence Services by Ophel Computing

Business Intelligence

Apply Business Intelligence strategies to data analytics. Torment the data for business results.

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Chatbots Services by Ophel Computing


Chatbots will be your new texting partner and your new best buddie.

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Mobility Services by Ophel Computing


Build native apps to spec suited to your organization.

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IoT Services by Ophel Computing


Stay connected in this connected world with ubiquitous computing.

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Monetization Services by Ophel Computing


Monetise your assets over the cloud through SMAC enabled roubust means.

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eCommerce Services by Ophel Computing


Rent/buy a land, build a shop, apply for safety licence, various clearences, hire workers, have logistics VS build an eCommerce store, optimize supply chain at 1/10th of the cost.

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Gamification Services by Ophel Computing


Go digital with your surveys, feedback, evaluations, campaigns, reviews, coupouns, promos, launches, offers, loyalty and get real-time data analytics.

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Digital Marketing Services by Ophel Computing

Digital Marketing

Get your organisation the digital route with social media and reach the intended audience. Have digital dashboards for your marketing and sales teams and gain live insights.

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Data Mining Services by Ophel Computing

Data Mining

Mine facts from data that fit your context. Mining for gold and diamonds are passé.

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Insights Services by Ophel Computing


Outsiders often have an insight that an insider doesn't quite have.

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Process Automation Services by Ophel Computing

Process Automation

With intelligent automation, businesses operate faster, scale more efficiently and compete more effectively in the digital economy.

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Solutions that make a positive impact

Run your business from anywhere, anytime.

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Sales Management Solutions by Ophel Computing


A management solution to cover your entire Sales Process ranging from Quotation, Estimation, Proforma, Invoicing. Customise your sales process workflow with our technology solutions.

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Marketing Management Solutions by Ophel Computing


A management solution to cover your entire Marketing Process ranging from Leads, Inquiries, Promotional, Orders. Customise your marketing process workflow with our technology solutions.

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Expenses Management Solutions by Ophel Computing


Manage and track all your expenses at one platform that supports periodical bills and recurring invoices.

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Inventory Management Solutions by Ophel Computing


Go digital and get real-time data analytics from your stock inventory. Manage your procurements and finished goods from anywhere.

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Production Management Solutions by Ophel Computing


A rich digital infrastructure for your production management will help you monitor your production/assembly line, control output, assisted purchase, optimize for quality.

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Production Management Solutions by Ophel Computing


Intuitive people management system with task management, process management, project management, closure, time analysis, attendence management.

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Industries that we work with

Digital engineering for a well-informed future.

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We work with manufacturing industries of all types and sizes. Our digital solutions turn data into intelligence, business outcomes and actionable insights.

Manufacturing for the GenNxt      

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The right process for you          

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Do you have the right product, right price, right place, right promotion and above all the right people. Well, what more do you want? Do you have the right process? We got it for you.


Wholesale is a science, wherease retail is an art. The factors that influence retail are consumer, cost, communication, channel, convenience, commodity, and the most important are the circumstances that lead to a sale. We help you identify the circumstances by predictive analytics.

Predictive analytics for retail      

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ecommerce - The new store in you      

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eCommerce is more than just a platform. It is the new way of shopping. We enable progressive transition into eCommerce.

Products that write your needs

Digital Technology is a Luxury than anyone can affort.

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InData - Engineered Products from Ophel Computing


In Data We Trust

A platform engineered for the entire Marketing, Sales, Finance, Production, Operations process management.

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Close Elegantly

Create elegant and professional Invoices that are GST enabled. Avail insights and reports for your invoices for free.

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PEx - Engineered Products from Ophel Computing


Manage oPEx, caPEx, PersonalEx, etc. all in one place and manage from anywhere, anytime.

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Technologies adapted for traction

The science behind engineering is technology

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Engineers and Designers of Innovation

Engineering Further, Innovating Farther

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Passion for Engineering
Value in Outcome
Embracing Changes
Innovation first Approach
Frugal Resourcefulness



Data Science
Full Stack
Continuous Delivery
Lean Engineering



Get to know us better by trying out our model of engineering. We have a set of practices such as Process Script, Employee Policy, Process Tasks, Week Review.



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